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      You must have 1000 current skydives to purchase.

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      1. LEAD TIMES are listed on the home page.
      2. RUSH SERVICES are not available when orders have SPECIALTY ARTWORK, as artwork can add an extra 2 weeks.
      3. The Rush Service completes the order in half of the lead time, ex. 6-7 week lead time with a standard rush = completed order in 3-4 weeks.
      4. Rush services are only charged once availablility is confirmed.

      For any questions, please email: orders@tonysuits.com

      Whether you're looking for sponsor logos for a team suit or simply want to add a little extra to your new suit, we're more than happy to provide additional customization and embroidery for your jumpsuit.

      To request additional customization, note your requirements in the 'details' box and we'll be in touch to request the necessary files and provide a quote.

      From the inside of the lift webbing, at the emergeny handles


      The width of the back-pad between the lateral webbing.


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      MILITARY: DO NOT 'ADD TO CART'. Instead, select SAVE FOR LATER (to the left, above 'ORDER') and email the link with proof of active military service. If you 'ADD TO CART' your card will be charged and the military discount will be added as a credit to be used for any TonySuits products.

      Email: info@tonysuits.com

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